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Benjamin Parge


It is believed that most financial and credit brokers sell products to their customers to make money themselves, which sometimes is contrary to the customers best interest. Unfortunately, many financial advisors do not fully, and transparently present risks and fees so that clients are not always able to take the right decision.

My Team and I follow a simple strategy in our commitment giving you the best service and support: full transparency, clear risk disclosure, and independent advice.

Thanks to that we can look back on a successful record of our activities since 2014:

  • Establishing several locations
  • Over 8,600 sales and cooperation partners
  • Over 12,000 satisfied customers

We guarantee you the best service and maximum discretion. Take our word for it - click here and arrange an appointment for a free and individual consultation!

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Performance – whatever happens!

Interest rates and the securities markets fluctuate, crises or pandemics can cause bearish or bullish markets, and reliable funds and other investment products that generated the highest returns last year can lose value dramatically within a couple of months.

However, my team and I, as well as our partner network, are able to minimize these risks through individual and reliable strategies. You can reach us at any time, no matter what happens. Just dial 0049421 5650605 - 0!

Always there for you!

It´s not a headline
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German regulation!

Expect a selection of really safe and fair products from us.
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Fair & transparent!

Low fixed costs and
comprehensive transaction fees. Click here to get in contact!

Profit share basis!

We do not only promise extraordinary results, we are not scared to work based on profit share.
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We offer a large selection of products!

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to financial services!
We will find the right product for your investment strategy.
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Free consultation!

We visit and advise you free of charge – wherever you live. Click hereand take our word for it!

The aspirations of my team and me

on the quality of ongoing customer care are extremely high.

Throughout all financial, currency and real estate crisis during the last 12 years we managed not only to successfully serve our existing clients, but also to expand our client base and our team.

The combined efforts of my excellent team and my grown partner network make it possible to successfully come out on top in every crisis and consistently generate a reliable and safe return!

Average performance 27.8%
Referral rate 87.6%
Customer satisfaction 92.8%
Cooperation partner satisfaction 94.1%

Successful co-operations

Even though many competitors will tell you otherwise: no team (no matter how good) can cover each and every customer request in all areas.

That is why my team and me work in a network with other specialists. These long-term co-operations with exclusive and highly specialized companies make it possible to have the fastest and best access to any financial product, no matter how exotic, and thus fulfill and exceed every clients' demand.

Hanseatische Vermoegen

1:1 Assekuranz AG



Benjamin Parge hat es geschafft sein Leben vom Handwerker ohne nennenswerte Perspektive, zum Unternehmer mit mehreren Firmenbeteiligungen, eigenen Unternehmen mit 6-7 stelligen Umsätzen und einer Vielzahl an hochkarätigen Kontakten und Kunden upzugraden. Heute ist Benjamin Parge ein Vorbild für viele Unternehmer und hilft jedes Jahr einer handvoll ausgewählter Interessenten dabei genauso erfolgreich zu werden.

Benjamin Parge zählt damit zu einem der besten Experten für den Bereich Vertriebsaufbau / Kontaktaufbau im deutschsprachigen Raum und zeigt in seinen Workshops, warum es heutzutage existenziell wichtig ist, die RICHTIGEN Kontakte zu besitzen und wie man diese erlangt und festigt – sehen Sie hier, was zufriedene Kunden in einem Video-Testemonial berichten!

Benjamin weiß wovon er spricht und ist kein Theoretiker! Alles was er anderen an die „Hand“ gibt, setzt er selber tagtäglich genauso um und damit erfüllt er für mich eine absolute Vorbildfunktion.
Durch Benjamin habe ich in 2 Jahren mehr gelernt, als in den 6-7 Jahren davor!

Björn Achsnick, Niederlassungsleiter- und Vertriebsleiter

Ohne die Hilfe von Benny wäre mein Projekt nicht erfolgreich geworden, da Benny mir mit seiner Erfahrung zu den notwendigen Schritten verholfen hat.

Timo Rehrmann, Asset Manager

Durch Benny’s Hilfe habe ich gelernt, offener gegenüber anderen Menschen zu werden und dadurch mein persönliches Wachstum enorm zu steigern.

Alexander Steinchen, Finanzdienstleister

Benny hat mir gezeigt wie ich als 19 jähriger Schüler ohne Kontakte, einen großen eigenen Vertrieb aufbaue. Meinen Erfolg habe ich dadurch bis heute Benny zu verdanken.

Kevin Willaschek, Unternehmer, Inhaber einer Werbeagentur & Immobilienfirma