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General information

The use of the Internet pages does not establish a brokerage or consulting contract between the website visitor and Benjamin Parge and/or its partners. All information on the website, including the results of calculation options made available, is not a consultation – Benjamin Parge therefore assumes no liability. Even if the information on the Internet pages has already been compiled in the most customer-friendly manner possible, it can in no way replace an individual consultation with a member of my team or with me.



I do not guarantee that the information provided on this website is complete, correct and in any case up to date. This also applies to all links to which this website refers directly or indirectly.

For technical and organisational reasons, I reserve the right to make changes or additions to the information made available on this website without prior notice.

The information on these websites does not represent a binding offer.

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Cooperation partners

There are no financial products or other services that are offered for online purchasing on my website. The purpose of my website is to inform you about me and the variety of financial instruments, insurance, real estate and financial products.

I am also pleased to inform you about my cooperation partners on my website, because solid cooperation partners are to the advantage of every interested party or client and form the foundation for a stable network. This enables our interested parties and clients easy and transparent access to a large variety of products and services.

These cooperation partners have the legally required regulations, knowledge and access to products and services that I and my team do not offer to my clients.

Thus, all my cooperation partners have individual service focuses and can therefore offer interested parties and clients a wide range of consulting services without losing focus on the respective core business and core competencies.



Any liability for possible damages resulting from the utilization or application of incorrect or incomplete information, in particular from the usage of the offered links, is excluded! The links contained on these pages were carefully selected upon their inclusion. However, no responsibility can be accepted for the content of the pages linked to this site. We hereby expressly declare that we were not aware of any illegal content or content violating the rights of third parties on the linked pages at the time the links were created. We expressly dissociate ourselves from the contents of the linked pages. If you are aware that a link offered on these pages refers to a page with illegal content, please send us an e-mail immediately or contact our postal address.


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