Success is only achieved by doing something while waiting for success.”

Thomas Alva Edison

My name is Benjamin Parge and
for over 15 years my team
and me have been successfully helping private
and institutional investors.

My everyday business is closing deals successfully and generating added value for my clients. It may not be an average Joe´s job, but it is the job that I love. Everything I do, my entire preparation, the entire commitment of my team aims at only one thing:

To generate added value and to achieve profit for my clients

From my point of view, it is not just my job but my responsibility to achieve success for those who have been recommended to me and who trust me.

I offer a variety of investments in insurance, real estate, securities, and other products – but no matter the product, the final goal is always to generate profits for my clients. We are able to offer our clients to work on a profit-share basis. This means if we are able to generate profits for our client, we earn – if not, we don’t earn a buck at all!

This is the definition of a win-win situation. Don’t hesitate and become a customer of the most dedicated, successful and certainly the nicest advisory team in northern Germany – we are just a phone call away!

Don’t hesitate and become a customer of the most dedicated, successful and certainly the nicest advisory team in northern Germany – we are just a phone call away!

Do not hesitate
to call us

Make an appointment for a consultation with us – free of charge and without obligation! at 0049421/5650605-0 or click here.

The markets and opportunities never sleep – neither do we! Our dedicated specialists and me are available every day of the year. Take our word for it and let us make you an individual offer – just click here!

Investments & funds

Unsere nachhaltigen Konzepte und die Sicherheiteines regulierten deutschen Finanzdienstleisters bieten Ihrer Anlage maximale Sicherheiten!

Insurance & Assurance

We combine sustainable concepts with the
security of a regulated German financial service provider –
this means highest security for your investment!

Residential & business real estate

My team and I have extensive experience in investment properties as well as owner-occupied properties in prime locations in German cities – since 2013. If you are interested, just click here!

Investmentbanking & ETFs

New technologies are changing the way we live and invest. There are many ways that our clients can benefit from this trend! You can find information on modern financial instruments and international markets here!

Financing & Loans

Solid financing and sufficient liquidity are the basis of a stable financial situation. Click here for more information! Click here for more information.

Business Consulting & Coaching

When it comes to success, your mind-set is everything – no matter if you are at work, at home or if you are trading online the financial markets. Make an appointment to find out more about our coachings!

My team and I deliver what we promise.
This allows us to offer clients a co-operation
based on a transparent profit share!

Success can be determined and measured easily. That’s exactly why
in most cases profit sharing for both business partners
is the fairest and easiest solution. We guarantee you the best
service and maximum discretion – click here and find out more!

Regulated & transparent

Regulated in Germany and Europe –
just like all of our co-operation and insurance partners. Since 2013!

Discreet & secure

Full GDPR compliance and safe,
encrypted customer data for the maximum digital security of your files and data!

Have we been able
to spark your interest?

Don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone or simply drop by our office. We look forward!

Address: Marcusallee 41, D-28359 Bremen
Working time: daily from 9 am until 8 pm
Telephone: +49 421 / 56 50 605 – 0
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